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Hi folks!

I'm trying to spread the word about a Kickstarter for 3 Artbooks of Wendy Pini art which ends on October 1st.

There are three books:
The Art Of Elfquest, focusing on Wendy's Elfquest related illustrations
Elfquest: The Art Of The Story, focusing on comic pages and visual storytelling
Line of Beauty, with non-Elfquest art by Wendy Pini

Each is available in a trade version (hardcover) and a special limited version (hardcover with slipcase).

The trade version costs $50 through the Kickstarter (including shipping in the US), but it will also be avaiable through retail (The Art Of Elfquest has been available for preorder on Amazon for a while, and costs less than $50.)

There are a few extras only in the Kickstarter, though:

There's an exclusive print that goes with each book that is Kickstarter exclusive.

The limited version is available "only through Kickstarter" (Well, they say it's limited to 500, and so far it doesn't look like they'll run out, so there'll probably be chances to buy them later, too, somehow, but not reliably.)
The limited version also has 16 additional pages that won't be in the trade version.

IF enough people pledge, there'll be a colouring book included with each book you get through the Kickstarter. (As of this writing, there's about $3700 missing from that goal, with 3 days to go, so it might or might not happen.)

Have a look at the sample art and see if you're interested. :)

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