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EQ Readthrough: Issue 20, Quest's End Part 2

Final issue! One more post, about the scrapbook issue.

Issue 20: Quest's End Part 2
Questions for this issue:
  • What was your reaction to the Timmain reveal?
  • Who was most changed by getting into the Palace?
  • Did Nightwing do the right thing? Did it change how you think of recognition?

Other potential discussion questions::
  • Which character did you particularly like in this issue?
  • What event(s) surprised you?
  • What scene was most memorable?
  • How would you like to see this issue explored in fanfic or fanart?
  • What did you wish had been different?
  • If you've read the series before, what part had you forgotten?
  • Did this issue bring you any new insights about the world of two moons?
  • Was there anything interesting in the letters section?
  • If you've read the series before, what did you dislike then and find yourself liking now, or vice-versa?

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